• Weekly Remittance – NAC will pay you weekly so you get your money faster.

  • Easy Transition – Setting up an account with a billing company can appear to be scary and difficult. With NAC there are steps to opening an account. If you already have a billing company and would like to switch, NAC offers a satisfaction guarantee when you follow our simple 2 Step Process.

  • No Long-Term Commitment – At NAC we understand that running a martial arts school or business requires the ability to be flexible. We have developed a program to assist school owners and managers by providing EFT billing and software solutions on a month to month basis, allowing you to add or remove services as you grow.

  • Simple Software – Our software solution, InfinitiONE Member Management System, was designed to provide small to mid-size school owners the ability to track attendance and manage customers in a web environment. This minimizes the need for complex backup hardware or expensive activation licenses and allows you to access your data from any computer with an internet connection.